St. Stephens's Cemetery currently has four Garden Sections available to accommodate in-ground burials.

The Garden of Tranquility offers full size spaces that accommodate single or double depth casket burial, with an option to include up to two cremation burials in each space.

In addition, half size spaces are also available that accommodate up to two cremation burials. Family can choose to mark their spaces with upright monuments, pillow style monuments, or flat lawn level markers.

The Garden of Resurrection and the Garden of Eternity both offer full size spaces that are available to members of the Orthodox Church and their families. As per Orthodox tradition, no cremation burials are permitted in these sections. Families can choose to mark their spaces with upright, pillow style, or flat (lawn level) monuments.

The Field of Honour is available to current and former members of the military as well as their spouses and family members. This area offers full size spaces for casket and cremation burials and accepts upright, as well as flat and pillow monuments.

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